The Groove man in my Church – Mr Kwaff


Was combing on facebook yesterday and happen to chance on this personality profile which caught my interest, so gave it a shot by reading through then i realized the profile was about the Bass Guitarist wooow mine oo mine with all this history Mr Kwaff as we call him walks and carries himself as if he’s not left a legacy at Presec Legon and the live band music at large, i believe my friends and i know not all that is below about Mr Kwaff.

I must admit that i’ve known this man for few years most especially at church and his humility beats my imagination, i don’t only like his dexterity on the bass but his personality and the fact that we both have the same english name “Edmund” i’d say read about the Groove man written by his Junior at Presec  Legon. Enjoy…

Odadee Personality Profile: Ace Instrumentalist Edmund Kwafo Offei aka Kwaff

1977 was the epoch year. The ruling Supreme Military Council (SMC) had appointed members to the Koranteng-Addow Committee to seek the view of Ghanaians on proposed Union Government. Professional bodies led by Prof Adu Boahen & Gen Afrifa, held strikes in opposition to Military rule. Yellow Corn food aid was on the market to alleviate the near famine that was being experienced. Ghana Football Association had a one round only Novelty League underway and prolific scorer George Alhassan of Great Olympics was leading the goal king chart.

It was a typical Saturday Presec afternoon. Engmann House boys had engaged a groundnut seller; patronizing her boiled groundnuts whilst lusting after her good looks. In Clerk House, students made their way to Mangoase to exchange Rexona & Lux bathing soaps for fried yams with fresh pepper; a reenactment of barter trade. In Kwansa House Dormitory D, Kwaff sat on his bed feeling lazy from an extra plate of his favorite RED RED meal. Reaching for his guitar and adjusting his pillow for back support, his fingers went to work producing melodious strings to the ear.

God gives gifts and talents but in Edmund, He must have impacted a double dose. By age five, he was on keyboards. Apart from the ability to play musical instruments such as Keyboards, Guitar (Lead and Bass), Drums and Percussion, Edmund’s dexterity on guitar made him a sheer genius with unmatched skills.
When you are imbued with talent, and you are conscious of that talent, it becomes inevitable and imperative for you to take proactive steps to bring that gift to the fore by sharpening your skills. That was exactly what Kwaff and his friends did as they adopted all tricks to train. Eric Antonio had the key to the Music room so on the blindside of Music Master Mr Ayi aka Ayi-Ton, they trained there only to take to their heels when he approached!!!! As if not enough, these boys would take advantage during break in performances during Saturday Entertainment Night by bands like Bisa Goma, B-Soyaya etc to horn their skills.

The venue for Inter Schools Band Competition dubbed Anansekrom was the Accra Arts Center. The competing bands were from many secondary and tertiary institutions notable amongst them were Adisadel, Mfantsipim, Achimota, University of Ghana, University of Science and Technology, Accra Academy and many more. The Presec seniors dominated band was Abaluya Muzuta led by Senior Aryeetey-Adjin aka Stormay. They had registered earlier to represent Presec but Kwaff and his friends had formed Muri Sundiata . Since the organizers would not allow a school to have two bands in the competition, and determined to showcase their talents, Edmund and his band members(Eric Antonio -Keyboard (Labone House), Osei Amankwa aka Aport – drums( Labone House), Apim Paul aka Pim-Polo- vocalist( Clerk House) Yaw Nyadu Offei- background vocalist( Engman House) Walters Ayettey aka Erosion – bass guitar(Kwansa House) Jacob Owusu- congas (Riis House) and Bernard Koranteng -vocalist (Riis House) approached the Headmaster of Sanful Missionary College at Kaneshie and ‘begged’ to represent that school. The headmaster without any hesitation accepted. Such was the determination, resolve and fortitude of Kwaff and his Muri Sundiata band members. Presec thus technically had two bands in the competition!!!!!

Ghanaians flocked to Accra Stadium in February 1969 with great expectations to watch Pele and his Santos Club play Hearts of Oak. In the same vein, Presec boys turned out in their numbers to see their ‘two’ bands play expecting nothing but superlative performance. They were not disappointed. The Test Song was “M’adamfo pa by Kofi Ani Johnson and its perfect rendition by Kwaff and his Muri Sundiata band sent the vociferous Presec fans into frenzy. If Luciano Pavarotti’s performance in 1977 Metropolitan Opera production of La Boheme gave him the recognition he sought, Muri Sundiata ‘s special composition ‘ Wɔtsɛ Gbeho’ dedicated to the late Philip Gbeho composer of the Ghana National Anthem, swayed the judges and separated Muri Sundiata from the pack to win the competition. In the final round, Edmund possessed by Apollo the Greek god of music, put up a performance Bruce Springsteen THE BOSS would envy.

Ladies love success and gravitate towards achievers. Was it therefore any wonder that when Kwaff lifted the two prizes: Kofi Antobam Shield for winning the competition and Ephraim Amo Cup for best composition, well-endowed (Chicks) from Accra Girls, St Marys’ and Accra High Schools begun falling over themselves to shake hands and offer ‘full scholarship’ to the victorious band members? Little did these ladies know that the band members were budding Presbyterian eunuchs? Oblivious of himself, an excited Presec student had his trousers partly down(Otto Pfixter) exposing his multicolored underwear. Strangely, this multicolored ‘supporter’ drew more excitement from the ladies.

Professionally, Odadee Edmund has in the past 3 decades been consulting for many artists and producing many up and coming musicians as well. A visit to his office shows many including other non-Ghanaian African artists waiting in the cozy reception to be attended to. No rush here as each project is handled professionally and in the Odadee hallmark of excellence. Edmund has in the past collaborated with local highlife stars like Bob Pinodo and the late Alhaji K Frimpong and coproduced the gospel hit:”adea Yesu ayɛ amame” with Essibons Records in 1980 on which he played the Bass Guitar. He is also into live performances; leading his own Rhythm Masters Band with performances on specific days at Golden Tulip and Royal Fiesta hotels in Accra. If you are lucky and get a booking, Rhythm Masters Band will play at your social gatherings. One highly talented keyboard player Odadee Eric Antonio who does big time studio sessions for International stars like Kojo Antwi, Miatta Fanbulley and occasionally plays with Steve Wonder when he travels abroad, was nurtured by Edmund.

Yet for all this success, self-fulfillment takes the better part of Edmund and his Aburi Presbyterian humility keeps him from ‘running his mouth’. On his appreciative mind everyday are Kojo Offei, a senior brother, Cousin Eric Boadu and Antony Wood a family friend who though not Presecans, played important roles in his music career.

Senior Edmund Kwafo Offei, we celebrate you and members of your Muri Sundiata band.
Akro House 76-83

Nii Adu thank you soo much for making available all these rich chronicle of the bass guitarist in my church, Mr Kwaff. No wonder when he isn’t at church we feel his absence and you’ll know there’s something missing in the sound that is produced.

Mr Kwaff , myself , Nii and prince and on behalf of the church celebrate you and proud of you as well.


Marriage + Fun = ??   La wireless road

So a friend mentioned that “Life is not fun after marriage” and i posted on whatsapp status and below is what a married lady friend had to share;

The presence of fun is not the absence of misunderstanding.The key to having fun is to marry your friend.

No matter the age difference marry your friend.. Someone you can gossip with… Have discussions all night with.

Marry your shepherd… He prays over you and lifts you up when you are down
Marry your lover… He will do you right any day any where any how

Put all these three together.. How can you not have fun???

Well you beg to differ or have any additions just don’t hesitate to have your say. 

Our DAy then and Our DAy now…



Well back in the 90’s (i’m not too old tho but for the sake of storytelling) on the day we’ll be breaking from school to go on holidays we usually call it ‘Our Day’ or if you like vacation day.

I got the opportunity to attend a private school, so on this day you’ll see me and my friends with our basket packed with a bottle or two of soft drinks (normally the other drink is for the teacher) accompanied by biscuits then with a well cooked home made jollof or rice and stew with chicken covered nicely with napkin chale and trust me that can count as one of the days you’ll get such Kingly or Queenly treat from your mum.

Then when you get to school you’ll meet your other school mates with similar delicacies to grace the Our day occasion, its actually a day to have fun, eat, drink and play all the whole day, the last part of the fun is when your report card is handed over to you  and that is what will be used as a measure to determine your seriousness in school and during learning hours  chale.

Fast forward to ‘NOW’ chale these days our younger siblings level of having fun during this Our Day thing has escalated kraa oo, these kids have refused to take food and drinks in a nice basket to school and rather will take money instead for the fact that they’ll be visiting the Mall(s)…smh well i don’t blame them and its no fault of theirs because now there are loads of Malls all over and they have the luxury of choosing which Mall they want to stroll in.

Anyways if you ask me i’ll go to Our Day with a basket packed with food and drinks again just for the experience and memory it’ll bring.

Words Unspoken


Here I stand; a man with nothing

Only memories of my youthful life

A life of vanity, lust and self destruction

Like the smoke blown out of my lungs, I saw my life fade out into the thin air

While my resources burn out each day like the ashes of my tobacco

I lived a life a shame, one that broke my dad’s heart

“Everything will be fine”…. Mum says with a smile

Even though her heart was heavy, filled with tears

Inside her, she’s been crying for her dear son


I’ve got nothing, nothing to show as a man

Only a dream in mind and my dignity at hand

A dream of good life; carved out of passion, polished with hard work

And flowing from the fountain of determination

Dignity to regain and bestowed on me by my family & all who know me

Enough of men laughing…

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National Volunteer Day (NVDay) is an initiative of the GhanaThink Foundation’s Ghana Volunteer Program. It happens around September 21 – which is the Founder’s Day holiday in Ghana. NVDay encourages as many people in Ghana to volunteer in an activity to make Ghana better. In 2014, we are targeting over 233 activities and thousands of volunteers participating.

Information about the Ghana Volunteer Program
Registration link for NVDay 2014 –
Attached two relevent photos for your use.
You can find photos from NVDay13 etc on the Ghana Volunteer Program Facebook & Google+ pages
If you have any questions, please send to volunteer@ghanathink.orgnvday14flyer

Easy Taxi; My Experience

        Boarding a taxi as we normally call “dropping” has become simple and easy as compared to the days where I spend hours by the road just to pick dropping or taxi if you like to and fro my destination, that not withstanding one is not assured of safety and comfort when we join these taxis.
EasyTaxi has come to solve almost if not all of the problems we face when we pick a taxi and in my view I say its so cool because considering the fact that after downloading the app on android play store and on App store on an IPhone for free like I did, you can enjoy the e-taxi service.

What makes it cool is that after requesting for a taxi the contact number, name of the car and model as well as the name of the driver and even see the driver as he approaches your location with the GPS service isn’t it cool?
Now my experience with @EasyTaxiGh was awesome to the extend that at a point I taught I was in Europe because the driver was very hospitable and looks presentable he cruised me smoothly to my destination compared to that of other drivers that will just rush you around town and before you get to your destination you already tired but with @EasytaxiGh chale you are safe trust me.

I believe easytaxi has come to stay and on a good course, considering the fact that having closed from work very late and you have to request for a taxi without necessarily coming out to stop one most especially when its raining. I can boldly say when you board Easytaxi your safety and comfort is assured and it’s the best and second to none…

2nd photo credits to Kwabena

MY NOKIA EXPERIENCE; And Its Been awesome Trust Me

My first Nokia Phone that i used was Nokia E72 Image

I must confess that i used this phone to my satisfaction to the extend that i didn’t want to let go but man must move on so i had to sell it and get myself another Nokia phone which was Nokia C3Image

i enjoyed using this phone so much so that i found myself inside an internet cafe at Danquah Circle browsing seriously and i was surprised by the second owner of the phone IE a beggar who came asking me for money instead took my phone…but no worries God is watching. I then moved on again as is expected of every human in life to move on and progress so i did just that helping myself with a Nokia Asha 306Image

This Nokia phone came in handy and infact played a role in my social life, it helped to increase my presence on social media and the likes just to mention a few. Now tell you what i’m on the latest Nokia kid on the block thus Nokia X Image

which was presented to me by Blogging Ghana and i must say that am proud of and happy to be part of this family and a big Thank you to all of the members and executives.

Nokia X is helping me do more than i can imagine from skyping, sending emails, copying and pasting documents,files etc. i got this phone at the right time because i don’t own a laptop and am able to do most of my online work via NOKIA X…